Quick one about rollouts , so the idea is “update” docker images to a new version “without” disrupting services… that is relative and it is something i would like to investigate later on.

But the general idea is , you have a deployment using a given version:


So this deployment will create a replicaset with 3 containers running nginx:1.7.9.

So the idea is that you change the image and update the deployment , this can be done in a few different ways , but one of them would be:


kubectl set image deployment/nginx-deployment nginx=nginx:1.9.1

And what happens after is kind of interesting , if you run:

kubectl describe deployments


What you can see is how a new replicaset is created 2617936164 , and sequentially it gets incrased by 1 container , at the same time 3338832170 gets decreased by 1 , pretty smooth.

There’s a few different ways to do this , but i guess we will cover this later on.

Thank you.