Weechat is an “irc” client with a ton of plugins , and it can connect to a lot more things than simply irc, (you can use bitlbee to proxy to things).



So others than some custom colors you can see buffers.pl (which is the bar that’s on the left , it’s quite useful)

To install it use:

/script install buffers.pl


Another i would like to recommend is iset , it let you change settings from weechat itself it looks something like:


Againt to install simply:

/script install iset.pl

There’s a ton of different plugin but this was supposed to be about my favourites , so me as many others use slack to communicate :


my mate Ryan wrote this plugin to “connect” weechat with the slack api:


I’t super useful and it hasn’t let me down once ( Normal electron based slack chat client used about a GB of mem , not anymore)


It becomes kind of annoying to search through buffers , if you have a lot of them open (buffers are like conversations) , so go let’s you search through buffers and match their names


So i have it bound to meta-f , you can type parts of the name of the buffer and go.py will match the buffer with whatever “regex” you’re typing

/script install go.py

This one is a must.


If you’re in slack it’s likely someone will send you a link to check out , maybe a PR or some cat’s videos , to avoid reaching out to the mouse and select the link like a grandpa on his first win95 attempt we will use urlgrab.py

/script install urlgrab.py

It will match the latest url on the buffer and open it with your favourite command , in my case:


And you can also list all the urls that have been sent to you by typing /url:


So you can make a binding to /url **enter, to open the one you’ve selected :)


Highmon is a special buffer where all messages that contain your nickname are stored , so you can look them up easily.

/script install highmon.pl

That’s all for today , I think these are the ones i use the most , i normally have a few shortcuts for pretty much everything , you can create them with iset or by hand on weechat.conf for example.

Thanks for reading!